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Version: 2.10

Product features

Constellation is a Kubernetes engine that aims to provide the best possible data security in combination with enterprise-grade scalability and reliability features---and a smooth user experience.

From a security perspective, Constellation implements the Confidential Kubernetes concept and corresponding security features, which shield your entire cluster from the underlying infrastructure.

From an operational perspective, Constellation provides the following key features:

  • Native support for different clouds: Constellation works on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Support for OpenStack-based environments is coming with a future release. Constellation securely interfaces with the cloud infrastructure to provide cluster autoscaling, dynamic persistent volumes, and service load balancing.
  • High availability: Constellation uses a multi-master architecture with a stacked etcd topology to ensure high availability.
  • Integrated Day-2 operations: Constellation lets you securely upgrade your cluster to a new release. It also lets you securely recover a failed cluster. Both with a single command.