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Version: 2.13


Source code

Constellation's source code is available on GitHub under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.


Edgeless Systems provides ready-to-use and signed binaries of Constellation. This includes the CLI and the node images.

These binaries may be used free of charge within the bounds of Constellation's Community License. An Enterprise License can be purchased from Edgeless Systems.

The Constellation CLI displays relevant license information when you initialize your cluster. You are responsible for staying within the bounds of your respective license. Constellation doesn't enforce any limits so as not to endanger your cluster's availability.

Community License

You are free to use the Constellation binaries provided by Edgeless Systems to create services for internal consumption, evaluation purposes, or non-commercial use. You must not use the Constellation binaries to provide commercial hosted services to third parties. Edgeless Systems gives no warranties and offers no support.

Enterprise License

Enterprise Licenses don't have the above limitations and come with support and additional features. Find out more at the product website.

Once you have received your Enterprise License file, place it in your Constellation workspace in a file named constellation.license.