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Version: 2.13

Use the Terraform module

You can manage a Constellation cluster through Terraform. The module package is available as part of the GitHub release. It consists of a convenience module for each cloud service provider ({csp}-constellation) that combines the IAM (infrastructure/{csp}/iam), infrastructure (infrastructure/{csp}), and constellation (constellation-cluster) modules.


  • a Linux / Mac operating system
  • a Terraform installation of version v1.4.4 or above

Quick setup

The convenience module allows setting up a Constellation cluster with a single module. It's easiest to consume the module through a remote source, as shown below. This allows to upgrade the cluster to a newer Constellation version by simply updating the module source.


In the current release of the module, terraform apply creates files such as constellation-conf.yaml, constellation-state.yaml , constellation-admin.conf, constellation-mastersecret.json, and a directory constellation-terraform" containing backups. Make sure to check in these files in your version control when using GitOps. The files are deleted on terraform destroy.

  1. Create a directory (workspace) for your Constellation cluster.

    mkdir constellation-workspace
    cd constellation-workspace
  2. Create a file to call the CSP specific Constellation module.

    module "azure-constellation" {
    source = "<version>/" // replace <version> with a Constellation version, e.g., v2.13.0
    name = "constell"
    location = "northeurope"
    service_principal_name = "az-sp"
    resource_group_name = "constell-rg"
    node_groups = {
    control_plane_default = {
    role = "control-plane"
    instance_type = "Standard_DC4as_v5"
    disk_size = 30
    disk_type = "Premium_LRS"
    initial_count = 3
    worker_default = {
    role = "worker"
    instance_type = "Standard_DC4as_v5"
    disk_size = 30
    disk_type = "Premium_LRS"
    initial_count = 2
  3. Initialize and apply the module.

    terraform init
    terraform apply

Custom setup

If you need to separate IAM and cluster management or need custom infrastructure, you can also call the submodules individually. Look at the respective convenience module ({csp}-constellation) for how you can structure the module calls. The submodules are:

  • constellation-cluster: manages the Constellation cluster
  • fetch-image: translates the Constellation image version to the image ID of the cloud service provider
  • infrastructure/{csp}: contains the cluster infrastructure resources
  • infrastructure/iam/{csp}: contains the IAM resources used within the cluster

Cluster upgrades


For general information on cluster upgrades, see Upgrade your cluster.

Using a remote address as module source as shown in Quick setup is recommended because it simplifies the upgrade process. For local paths as module source, you would need to manually overwrite the Terraform files in the Terraform workspace. The steps for the remote source setup are as follows:

  1. Update the <version> variable inside the source field of the module.
  2. Upgrade the Terraform module and provider dependencies and apply the Constellation upgrade.
    terraform init -upgrade
    terraform apply