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Version: 2.17

Using Constellation via Cloud Marketplaces

Constellation is available through the Marketplaces of AWS, Azure, GCP, and STACKIT. This allows you to create self-managed Constellation clusters that are billed on a pay-per-use basis (hourly, per vCPU) with your CSP account. You can still get direct support by Edgeless Systems. For more information, please contact us.

This document explains how to run Constellation with the dynamically billed cloud marketplace images.

To use Constellation's marketplace images, ensure that you are subscribed to the marketplace offering through the web portal.

Then, enable the use of marketplace images in your Constellation constellation-conf.yaml config file:

yq eval -i " = true" constellation-conf.yaml

Ensure that the cluster uses an official release image version (i.e., .image=vX.Y.Z in the constellation-conf.yaml file).

From there, you can proceed with the cluster creation as usual.