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Version: 2.1

Create your cluster

Creating your cluster requires two steps:

  1. Creating the necessary resources in your cloud environment
  2. Bootstrapping the Constellation cluster and setting up a connection

See the architecture section for details on the inner workings of this process.


If you don't have a cloud subscription, check out MiniConstellation, which lets you set up a local Constellation cluster using virtualization.

The create step

This step creates the necessary resources for your cluster in your cloud environment.


Generate a configuration file for your cloud service provider (CSP):

constellation config generate azure

This creates the file constellation-conf.yaml in the current directory. Fill in your CSP-specific information before you continue.

Next, download the trusted measurements for your configured image.

constellation config fetch-measurements

For details, see the verification section.


Choose the initial size of your cluster. The following command creates a cluster with one control-plane and two worker nodes:

constellation create --control-plane-nodes 1 --worker-nodes 2

For details on the flags, consult the command help via constellation create -h.

create stores your cluster's configuration to a file named constellation-state.json in your current directory.

The init step

The following command initializes and bootstraps your cluster:

constellation init

Next, configure kubectl for your cluster:

export KUBECONFIG="$PWD/constellation-admin.conf"

🏁 That's it. You've successfully created a Constellation cluster.