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Version: 2.12

Create your cluster


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Creating your cluster requires two steps:

  1. Creating the necessary resources in your cloud environment
  2. Bootstrapping the Constellation cluster and setting up a connection

See the architecture section for details on the inner workings of this process.


If you don't have a cloud subscription, you can also set up a local Constellation cluster using virtualization for testing.

The create step

This step creates the necessary resources for your cluster in your cloud environment. Before you create the cluster, make sure to have a valid configuration file.


constellation create

create stores your cluster's state in a constellation-terraform directory in your workspace.

The init step

The following command initializes and bootstraps your cluster:

constellation init

Next, configure kubectl for your cluster:

export KUBECONFIG="$PWD/constellation-admin.conf"

🏁 That's it. You've successfully created a Constellation cluster.


In case init fails, the CLI collects logs from the bootstrapping instance and stores them inside constellation-cluster.log.