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Version: 2.12

Terminate your cluster


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You can terminate your cluster using the CLI. For this, you need the Terraform state directory named constellation-terraform in the current directory.


All ephemeral storage and state of your cluster will be lost. Make sure any data is safely stored in persistent storage. Constellation can recreate your cluster and the associated encryption keys, but won't backup your application data automatically.

Terminate the cluster by running:
constellation terminate

Or without confirmation (e.g., for automation purposes):

constellation terminate --yes

This deletes all resources created by Constellation in your cloud environment. All local files created by the create and init commands are deleted as well, except for constellation-mastersecret.json and the configuration file.


Termination can fail if additional resources have been created that depend on the ones managed by Constellation. In this case, you need to delete these additional resources manually. Just run the terminate command again afterward to continue the termination process of the cluster.